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I've always wanted a living room full of flowers, without having to rush to a florist everyday. Thanks to the specialist's services of my florist, my house is now colourful and fresh, and the plants last longer!
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High quality and low prices now available at your Battersea florist's!

Stop rushing to supermarkets and unskilled retailers today, demand the highest quality, the most efficient florists and obviously, the lowest prices of London! Come to Battersea! Enjoy bargain prices all year long, without getting bad quality products or short-lasting flowers and plants. We have one strong belief: anyone should be able to afford flowers and plants! Stay away from your stressful environment and allow you a colourful and natural break in our little heaven, come to our shop!

In Battersea, our florists are committed to ensure the earth preservation

We are really concerned about environment protection and sustainability. With growing environmental issues all over the world, our florists based in Battersea must play a role to preserve plants, flowers and ecosystems. That's why we have choose to slowly but efficiently switch to more natural and organic alternatives. Enjoy the highest flower quality without participated to environmental abuses!

The best gifts ideas ever are in Battersea, in your florist's shop!

It's often really difficult to find the right gift to offer to your lover, mother, grandmother... But it's no big issue anymore thanks to your florists ideas and tips! They know every flower and plant, and will surely help you find what you are looking for. Plus, our pieces of advice are obviously free and you can just call us to obtain further information about your recent orders! Come to Battersea today and fill your home with joy!

Low prices

Stop paying too much for a bouquet or gardening products. You new florist of Battersea is the specialist you were waiting for!

Good tips

Great tips will leave you happy and informed. Wait no longer and call us for more information.

High Quality

Are you tired of not long-lasting flowers and plants? Enjoy the highest quality !